Kagwerks raised and extended slide release

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Kagwerks extended and raised slide release
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Finally.... many of you have requested this item, and here it is.

The raised and extended design gives you a quick and positive release, and with big hands or using gloves, you avoid the risk of raising the lever unintentionally.

Another advantage is, that you are now able to get and maintain a higher grip on your pistol for better control.

The slide release is built for OEM Glock firearms.

Modifications to slides, triggers and frame may affect performance.

Gen3/4 compatability:

9 mm: G17 - G 19 - G26 - G34

.40: G22 - G23 - G27 - G35

.357: G31, G32, G33

Gen 5:

9 mm: G17 - G 19 - G26 - G34

.40: G22 - G23 - G27 - G35