The finest equipment and accesories to your Glock pistol

It is our goal to find and sell some of the finest equipment and accesories to your Glock pistol, and related equipment to the shooting sport.

The main source of products are from ZEV Technologies, the manufacturer of Glockworx equipment.

All prices include 25% VAT.


After quite a lot of work, we are finally ready with the new web-shop. Yes, we know that your were very familiar with the old one, but after 7 years a little change is no harm done - we are sure you find it more easy to work with.

Not least check out has been changed to only one page, no more NEXT, NEXT

When the web-page was designed, we only just heard about a new product called iPad, and the old shop was not easy to use on either phone or tablets - now it is, and you can easily shop when ever you have a break :)

To wellcome you back again, we are going to give you a discount the rest of July and all of August, please see hereunder: